Dr. Bhikkhu Gyanabodhi (Sajal Barua) obtained a BA (Religious Studies) from International Buddhist College, Thailand. He followed a one year course-work in MA (Buddhist Studies) from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, and obtained an MA (Buddhist Studies) from the University of Hong Kong, and a PhD (Buddhist Studies) from the Mahidol University, Thailand. His research interests are – Pāli Literature, Theravāda Buddhism, and Early Buddhist Philosophy. He is currently a lecturer at the International Buddhist College, Thailand.

See his full cv here.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Its indeed nice to visit ur profile,it is also interesting to know about the organization of Bangladeshi Buddhist students.By the by ,i have seen the cover page of ur book about dhammapada and eager to go through the whole book.Is it possible to read it in the website?
    with regards,
    saswati Mutsuddy

    • Hi Dr. Saswati,
      My book on the Additional verses in the Chinese Dhammapada is not available in the website. It was published in May last year in Bangladesh. The book is a very thin one and actually, to be honest, poorly printed….
      Anyhow, it is available in the hard copy in Bangladesh……So, if you really want to get a copy you have to bring it from Bangladesh through someone you know…..

      Thanks for your comment,

      Venerable Sajal

  2. Respected vante,

    Actually one student is doing phd under my supervision about dhammapada.so,i thought that it will help her.anyway no problem.i shall ask other monks from bangladesh(if they have any copy).take care.



  3. I want to buy the book name, CHAINIK DHARMAPAD: SNYOJITA GATHASMUHA (ADDITIONAL VERSES IN THE CHINESE DHAMMAPADA) Author (Translated into Bengali by): Bhikkhu Gyanabodhi. Can you please tell that how can i get the above book in India as i didn’t know anybody who can bring that book from Bangladesh for me. So it will be very helpful if you kindly send this book through postal service, i can send Demand-Draft for the price of the book with postal charges. Anxiously waiting for your answer (amount of draft, payable at where, and to where i have to send the draft). Thankink you, yours faithfully, Amitava Maity. E-mail: maity.amitava@yahoo.in

  4. My name is Jairam Ramesh and I am a MP in New Delhi.
    I am writing a biography of Sir Edwin Arnold’s epic poem on the life of the Buddha called “The Light of Asia”
    I am wanting to find out more of Kabi Sarbananda Barua’s “Jajgajjyothi” and Nabinchandra Sen’s “Amitabha” that are based on “The Light of Asia”. Both were from Chittagong.
    Can you guide me please? My email is jairam54@gmail.com

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